About IANAmericas

IANAmericas is chaired by a President and coordinated by an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors. It is grouped into five committees, as follows:


  • Democracy and Governance
  • Economic Opportunity and Prosperity
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Environment
  • Innovation and technologies


Our experts provide insights into current policies and access to professional networks within their respective fields of action in their countries.  As a  “center of knowledge” on a wide range regional issues, IANAmericas members from throughout the hemisphere are eager to collaborate with institutions and external partners on topics of mutual interest.  Our focus is broad and spans current and emerging challenges in the environment, energy supply, education, poverty and social inclusion, transparency, government reform, innovation, international trade, media, and many others.

IANAmericas’s members, representatives from each country, are the following:

Adriana de Queiroz – Executive Coordinator, Brazilian Center of International Relations (CEBRI). Brazil.

Aldo Rojas – Secretary – Lawyer and president of state alumni. Chile.

Ana Lisseth Cruz – Executive Director, “Calidad de Vida” Association. Honduras.

Ana María Nieto Centeno – President, “Helsinki España”, University Network. Spain (guest member).

Aníbal Fernando Parera – Biologist, Buenos Aires University. Argentina.

Avryl Mohammed – Senior Environmental Specialist, “PETROTRIN” Petroleum Company. Trinidad & Tobago.

Bernardo Piazzardi Professor and Director of Corporate Affairs – Center for Food and Agribusiness – Austral University. Argentina.

Carlos Ojeda – Chief of the Academic Department in the English Program in Basic Education in the state of Tamaulipas. Mexico.

Cristina Banfi – Operations Director, Foreign Language Directorate, Ministry of Education, City of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Daniel Di Scala – Image and Communication Institutional Fundraising “RSE”. Teacher, Superior Institute “Padre Frassinetti”. Avellaneda, Argentina.

Eduardo Fernandez – Director, Argentine Inventor’s Forum. Argentina.

Eduardo Valero – Lawyer, Parliamentary affairs. Venezuela.

Elizabeth Mateo Perez – President, Civil Society NGO “Toy Jarto”. Dominican Republic.

Erich Cedeño – Optometrist. Cuba.

Gonzalo Fortun – Academic Coordinator and English Teacher, “Binational Center”. Bolivia.

Henriette Despaux – National English Teacher Trainer, Province of Canelones. Uruguay.

Henry Madrigal – Chief of the Department of Trafficking in Person – Judicial Research Organization. Costa Rica.

Javier Figueroa – Director of Locomotion Company, Audiovisual Studio. Uruguay.

Johnny McPherson – Acting Manager, Waste Resource Management, Nova Scotia Department of the Environment. Canada.

Jorge Alzamora – Deputy Director of Information Transfer “INAPI” (National Institute for Industrial Property). Chile.

Jorge Sosa – Journalist. Argentina.

Juan Felix Marteau – President “FININT” (Foundation for the Research on Financial Intelligence). Argentina.

Karla Cristina Arosemena – Professor, Technological University. Panama.

Ketty Luzincourt – Chief Executive Officer & Founder “Institut Haitien de la Paix”. Haiti.

Laura Lang Patiño – Director, Program “Aliados Cambio Climático”. Costa Rica.

Maria Eugenia Caraccia – Advisor, National Bureau of Future Scenarios, National Secretariat of Energy. Argentina.

Maria Luisa Beatriz Almeida Maffiodo – Director of International Promotion. Investment and Export Network, Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Paraguay.

Maria Rodriguez Cordón – Founder and General Manager “Byoearth”. Guatemala.

Mariano Obarrio – Journalist. Argentina.

Martin Montero – Partner, Marteau Abogados / Attorneys at law.

Misael Portillo President and Founder, LatinSuccess, USA.

Modesto Guggiari – General Manager “Liebigs Campos & Hacienda Group”.  Director “COVEPA Group”. Paraguay.

Monica Gabay – National Coordinator, National Forest Program, National Secretariat of Sustainable Development and Environment. Argentina.

Nengumbi Celestin Sukama – Chairman, Argentine Institute for Equality, Diversity and Integration.   Argentina.

Norma Iris Coto – Criminal Appeals Magistrate of The Supreme Court of Honduras.

Pablo Bermudez Mogni – CEO, “Hashtag” Social Media Agency. Peru.

Patricio Bermudez – Public Prosecutors Assistant, Guayas District Attorney. Ecuador.

Paola Ferrario – Board Member, IT Specialist, President of SAP. Paraguay.

Ricardo Vanella – President, Nova Patagonia (Business strategy consulting and TV-Radio production). Argentina.

Robert Huntley Peter Hill – Director, Local Government Administration & Community Services Office of the Prime Minister, Department of Local Government. Jamaica.

Ruth Elizabeth García – Founder/Director of Consultancy “DECIDE Studies Corporation”. Law Professor, Catholic University. Ecuador.

Sandra Díaz Peña – Founder, “ANYDO Consultants” NGO. Colombia.

Sara Elizabeth Martínez de Peña – “Martínez-Gonzalez & Borjas” Law Firm. Executive Director,  Asociación Salvadoreña de la Propiedad Intelectual (ASPI). El Salvador.

Sylvia Popoli Portela – Corporate Communications Specialist. The Cisneros Group of Companies. Venezuela.

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